HaySoft Products

HaySoft Timothy Haylage

NEW HaySoft Timothy is made from premium cut timothy grass. With a high fibre and low protein content, HaySoft Timothy provides the horse with a tasty lower calorie forage. This makes HaySoft Timothy an ideal choice of forage for horses and ponies who struggle with being overweight, good-doers and those prone to laminitis.

HaySoft Original Haylage

HaySoft Original is made from premium cut rye grass and is tightly packaged when it’s moisture content reaches levels of 30-35%. This method prevents the formation of dust and spores. HaySoft Original is then mildly fermented in order to preserve nutrients and create moist, nutritious and dust-free forage that does not require soaking.

HaySoft High Fibre Haylage

HaySoft High-Fibre is made from the best rye grass cut early in May or June when nutritional values are high. This provides the horse with forage that has far higher levels of vitamins, minerals and protein than that of hay, making HaySoft High-Fibre the choice haylage for horse owners.

HaySoft Oat Chaff

HaySoft Oat chaff is produced from quality oat straw grown specifically for HaySoft Oat Chaff. The straw is cut when nutritional values are high and full of nutrients. The traditional HaySoft Oat Chaff is designed to slow down the horse’s rate of eating and is low calorie. Haysoft Oat Chaff adds extra fibre to the horse’s diet which is an essential component for a healthy digestion system.

HaySoft Hay Chaff

Haysoft Hay Chaff is produced from quality grass grown specifically for HaySoft. The grass is cut earlier than hay, in late May or early June, when nutritional values are high. HaySoft Hay Chaff can be used as an addition to your horse’s hard feed to discourage horses from eating too quickly and therefore helping to prevent instances of colic and choke. Haysoft Hay Chaff can also be used as a replacement to hay as it has a higher nutritional value, with more vitamins, minerals and proteins.

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